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There are many advantages to incorporating your business.  Liability protection of your personal assets is one of the primary reasons why a small business will form a corporation.  Incorporating helps to separate your personal assets from that of your business.   A corporation is a legal entity that exists separately from its owners or shareholders. Typically, shareholders are not liable for the debts and obligations of the corporation or from any litigation where the corporation is the defendant.  In a partnership or sole proprietorship, the creditors can go after the owner's personal assets if the company assets are not enough to settle a claim.

1) A Florida corporation will have an unlimited life.

2) Incorporations have limited liability protection for shareholders.

3) Shares are transferable.

4) Check with a CPA in Florida, because you may be able to reduce taxes.




The corporation is a separate and distinct legal entity apart from the owners of the business. A corporation can own property, enter into contracts, and conduct business under its own name.

Management decisions must often be made by formal vote and recorded in corporate minutes. Director and shareholder meetings must be properly noticed and documented.




There are restrictions on the words that a Corporation can contain. However, most of the restrictions are in place to ensure that your Corporation name does not mislead the general public or imply that the business is a different type of entity than it actually is. For example, you cannot make your Corp. name "Acme LLC" if you have not filed the necessary documents with your Secretary of State to legally form an LLC. Likewise, you cannot include "DBA" in your Corp. name if you haven't yet filed the documents to legally form a DBA.




Corporations and LLCs can take advantage of tax savings options that are not available to sole proprietorships or partnerships. For example, corporations can establish pension, profit-sharing and stock ownership plans, which can lower the corporation's taxable income. Medical, life and disability insurance premiums are also completely tax deductible for corporations. In addition, a corporation can own shares of stock in another corporation and receive 80 percent of the dividends tax-free.




Corporations satisfy the Workers comp requirements for both construction and non-construction industries.




The corporate registration is valid until an article of dissolution is filed with the Division Of Corporations. The corporation will be administratively dissolved if no annual report is filed with the Division Of Corporations. All Corporations registered must maintain a current mailing address with the Division. Address changes must be made by letter or other written communication to the Division of Corporations.








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